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Island Girl Collection

Spring and Summer is a time for sundresses, flip-flops and dreams of more carefree days. And of course filled with classic silhouettes and fun colors. You can almost taste the fruity sangria, feel the golden sand between your toes, and imagine breathtaking waterfalls tucked in a blue lagoon with this collection.

London Calling Collection

When Brynn attended SDSU, she missed out on an opportunity to study abroad in London and ever since, she's been intrigued; from the universities and rich culture to the fantastic neighborhoods and, of course, the accents. So when searching for inspiration, it was no surprise that London came calling.


Although the term "Bohemian" dates back to 19th-century France, it’s her love of 60's boho chic that is the heart and soul of the season. Always a free spirit, Brynn chose earth tones and saturated colors such as Indigo Sky, Rustic Clay, Sandstone and Meadow that remind her of day’s long past running barefoot in long grass.


This collection is a mix of past collections and consists mostly of all our timeless and classic leather handbags in a variety of styles and colors. All bags are typically designed with antique brass hardware for a rustic appeal, contrasting zippers and stitching which give the handbags dimension and a unique style.