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Inspired by everything London, we wanted a colorful, yet sophisticated colour scheme! With colors like Tea & Crumpets, Cambridge and Notting Hill, how could we go wrong. 

Brynn Capella Lauren Crossbody Pure Royalty Midnight in the Garden Collection

This collection was inspired by the colors during Shakespearean Times, filled with rich hues of the aristocracy to the Bohemian fabrics of the lower classes. Both are perfect for Fall.

brynn-capella-pamela-titanium.jpg Tough Luxe Collection

We wanted to create a collection that was timeless and sophisticated but with an elegant edge! The pop of red inside gives it a wonderful holiday feel, so it's perfect for all your holiday parties AND for everyday life.

Brynn Capella Zee Satchel in Foxy Mama Classic Collection

This collection is a mix of past collections and mostly consists of all leather handbags. All bags are usually designed with contrasting zippers and stitching which give the handbags dimension.