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Lauren White Tiger Crossbody

We have always prided ourselves on offering fun and unique designs that fit into your lifestyle. We want to make sure YOU are always satisfied with our products. From price to quality to style and function, every aspect matters! So, please let us know what you think.

As you can see below, many of our customers already have! Thank you to all who have purchased our products AND have written to tell us about how much you love them! It's what keeps us going...

Brynn Capella Handbags
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Brynn - I love that your bags are made in the USA. I have 4 of them and I am proud to be a Brynn Capella customer. Your customer service is very good. The leather is so soft and the colors are vibrant. Plus you have a lot of different styles to choose from. I give my Brynn bags 10 out of 10!!!
Teresa Coomes (Dixon, IL)

This is a very stylish handbag (Heather Oversized Clutch). I purchased it in the pewter color and have received many compliments. It is very roomy for a clutch. I usually carry my iPad and iPhone, my keys, sunglasses and a small wallet.
Maria (Miami, FL)

hello! I received (my Cher wristlet) today. thank you. very nice, you have a client for life...
donna h (chicago, il)

Brynn - It's so amazing to see how (your business) has all evolved since the beginning. I still use all the bags I have--I just flip back and forth between them depending on my mood, and they've all held up so well--so nice they last (unlike other things) and aren't trashed after one season--that's one thing that really sets them apart! :) I may have to breakdown and get another one!
Kim (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)

Brynn - I was just google imaging leather fold over cross body bags and a picture of yours came up, which ultimately led me to your website (ADORE!!!) I look forward to the purchases arriving so I can start using them! Thanks!
Heather (Washington DC)

Brynn, thanks so much for always providing such awesome service. I can't wait to see my new bag!!! :-) Happy Holidays!
Allyn (Redondo Beach, CA)

Hi Brynn, I received my (Lauren in Fresh Cut) bag today and it was 100% worth the wait! I love it. Thank you,
Laura (Urbandale, IA)

Thanks so much Brynn. Your stuff really is just phenomenal. I know she really enjoys when people ask her about her bags, and she gets to say her BOYFRIEND picked them out for her! And then she tells them you're a Chicago designer and that always gets ooohs and aaahs. I hope you sell every purse you have this Xmas! I think I'm going to get my mom one of your purses for Mother's day next year. She likes them as big as possible, and the more "bold" the better. I'll get some suggestions from you in a few months. Take care!
Steven (Nashville, TN)

Hi Brynn, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I am loving all 4 of my BC bags as much as ever.
Thank you,
Erin (Vancouver, Canada)

Brynn, Thank you so much! I just love my Lauren bag! I love the versatility...in fact right now I'm at the Illinois State Fair (not by choice), and it's the perfect crossbody. Are you in any stores in Springfield, Illinois? You should be. I will definitely be buying more. The combination of a great product and great customer service is a breath of fresh air. If you are ever in the Springfield area please let me know. I'd love to say hi.
Michele (Springfield, IL)

Brynn, thank you so much! What a great business you run. I love your bags and completely appreciate this fantastic customer service! I hope to be in Chicago some day soon so I can see your shop in person. Thank you again for your help!!!
Meg (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Hi there! Received my order today and the wristlets are beautiful!! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you,
Colleen (Salado, TX)

Used my Lauren this weekend on a trip to Indianapolis. OMG! That bag went from toting around two little kids to girls night out flawlessly!! I am in utter loooove! First time EVER when travelling I didn't have to bring more than one bag!!!
Jenifer (Byron Center, MI)

I love this bag (Edie Carry-all Tote). It's very well made and just the right size for all of my everyday items. The leather is beautiful and super-soft... the picture on the site doesn't do it justice.
Anonymous Customer from Chicago, IL (via Ebags.com)

I bought the Lauren bag (black) online a week or so ago and positively love it! The pictures don't do it justice. The craftmanship is superior, the leather is of the highest quality, and the contrasting maroon trim and lining is beautiful. It can fit all of my necessities - and many of my kids' necessities - and the outer pockets make organizing easy. I had previously ordered a Cher wristlet on eBags (had never heard of Brynn before; I just stumbled across it when I was shopping for wristlets) and after it arrived I was intrigued and checked out all of Brynn's products. I can't wait to see new styles - I'll be saving up for my next one!
Thanks so much!
Jan S. (Houston, TX)

Brynn - I received my clutch (Oversized Purple Mora Heather) today. The color is beautiful, the bag is beautiful!!! I will be checking out your site again. Thanks,
Pat (Mobile, AL)

Brynn- I received the wristlet before noon today (next day). WOW super fast delivery. Love the wristlet and perfect for what I need it for. Thank you.
Charisse (Charlotte, NC)
**Please note that Charisse ordered it via RUSH delivery and paid for expedited shipping**

Hi there - Just wanted to let you know I received my Peach Grove EDIE carry-all and Railroad Crossing (Charcoal) Janey today. I absolutely love them and can't wait to show them off in the city. I've sent your website to some of my co-workers who also fell in love with the great designs and patterns (and have placed orders in the past, too). Beautiful bags and I can't wait to see what next season brings!
Staci (Philadelphia, PA)

Brynn - I remember you from my younger years (in Orange County) and wasn't surprised at all to find out that you were designing handbags and accessories! I always admired your sense of style and thought you were so sophisticated! You always came up with such creative outfits. I'm so impressed by your bravery (starting a business is tough) and your talent. I ordered a handbag (Cream Capo Oversized Heather Clutch) to show my support - but and I also really love the bag! Great job! (I've gotten several compliments on it already - even from my boyfriend - who doesn't usually notice that sort of thing!)
Best, Heather (Petaluma, CA)

Brynn - Just wanted you to know that I received the clutch the next day and we gave it as a gift at dinner on Wednesday night. The bag was a hit! Thank you!!
Maureen (Alexandria, VA)

Brynn, The girls (my bridesmaids) LOVED their CHER wristlets, just as I knew they would! And thank you so much for the matching coin purse, it's coming with me on the honeymoon!!! Thank you again!
Michelle (Milwaukee, WI)

Greetings Brynn - I had to write to tell you how much I absolutely adore my Mogano Varu Allison Hobo. I had been looking and looking for a handbag like this and found it a couple months ago in a nearby boutique where I live.

The quality of the design, craftsmanship and gorgeous Italian leather with a scent that is beyond heavenly is exactly what I had been looking for and it was love at first sight. Additionally, it is extremely important to me to support independent designers that manufacture their handbags here in the US. I applaud your decision to do this. It is not always easy to find such quality and someone who chooses to make their handbags here, I have looked long, and that is how I found you!

As a designer you met it all for me. I immediately went back to the shop the following week to purchase the wristlet and coin purse. I also need to mention that the strap in your design being able to adjust to go from crossbody to a smaller shoulder tote is utter brilliance. I adjust it all the time. Needless to say, I will be a loyal customer from this point on. If you ever create a vertical style messenger bag in this Mogano Varu Italian leather I would buy it in a minute.

Thank you for your insight into what our needs are. You are a beautiful designer with a bright future!

Best wishes always and happy holidays,
Colette (Minnesota)

Hi Brynn: My bag (Oversized Heather Envelope Clutch in Pewter) arrived today and the color is perfect. Love it! Many thanks,
Lauren (Westfield, NJ)

Hi Brynn, Got your Samantha bag in the turquoise dots last week - and I love it! Just wondering if you have any plans on making the Allison bag in the lime varu - as I would be very interested in purchasing that. Let me know. Many thanks - you do wonderful work and the attention to detail is refreshing. Sincerely,
C. Castro

Got the bag (Janey Clutch in Ocean), love...can't wait to use it! xo
Michelle ( Los Angeles, CA)

Brynn - I love my handbag! It is the perfect size for every day use and for going out. The colors are perfect and go with pretty much every outfit. I have received a ton of compliments on it. I feel like for the first time I have a fabulous bag and am proud to carry it around!
Thanks so much!
Kori (Santa Barbara, CA)

Brynn - I got my Edie Silver Moon and I LOVE IT!!!! It makes my day so much easier. The Edie is perfect and fits all my files and work papers that I need.
Kim (Santa Barbara, CA)

Brynn - I LOVE them! I had originally gotten 1 for myself and 2 to give away - but now I cannot decide which to part with! I absolutely love how the RRC Charcoal one is lined with that stunning turquoise. And the EDIE tote - I love how organized it is inside - all the pockets and the zippered one and the key clip. It's great to take to auditions - put my headshots and sides in. Nice, classy bag to fit it all.
Lisa (Los Angeles, CA)

Brynn - I brought your bags all over LA and OC last week! They were PERFECT for everything from the zoo, to Disneyland, dinner out, to shopping in Newport!! You're awesome! :)
Kim (Robinson, TX)

Hi Brynn - Got my Silver Moon Edie Carry-All today and Love It! Thanks so much. It has so much room for all my stuff (great, especially for a busy mom) I really like the fabric also. The pattern is great! Look forward to seeing all your new designs.
Diane (Inland Empire, CA)

Hey Brynn! I can't tell you how much I love my bag (Black and Tan Allison Hobo) and how many people compliment me on it. I get more people asking me where I bought it than any other purse. So, I always let them know and send them your link.
Molly (Milwaukee, WI)

Got the bag - LOVE IT! Five stars...
Even my nine-year-old daughter thought it was cool. That's saying something.
Ellen (Naperville, IL)

omg it's beautiful (Slate Rock Allison Hobo), more awesome than i imagined, thanks so much for making my xmas so special, i love it and can't wait to show it off!
Kimerly (Santa Barbara, CA)

The (Dynasty (eggplant) Allison Hobo) came on Wed. I LOVE IT! It is so cute! Hope you had a great holiday! Thanks!
Sara (Pasadena, CA)

I LOVE my new bag (Jungle Sky Samantha). When I saw it for the first time online, I knew I wanted it. I carry it everywhere just because I love it so much. It is a beautiful bag and it has forced me to downsize and stop carrying a bunch of junk I dont' need to carry with me everyday to work. I think I have already derived more pleasure from this one bag than I ever have with any of my others. I am so glad I splurged and bought it!
Glendine (Pearland, TX)

Picked up my new (Allison in Dynasty black hobo) handbag from Susan last week. I just wanted to let you know how much I like it. It is one of the most comfortable bags I've owned and roomy enough to hold and find the things I carry. You certainly make a quality product.
Best regards, Eva (Aliso Viejo, CA)

I received my (EDIE - Black Varu Leather) handbag and I LOVE IT! It's awesome, perfect....fits everything I carry with me. Thank you!
Dorissa (Orange County, CA)

I love the cher wristlet, very happy with it. I am actually wishing I had ordered it in black too! Probably will do so. It's a great size. Thank you so much, I love it!
Deborah (Irvine, CA)

My Cher wristlets and Janey clutch came yesterday..i totally love them. they are great. nice work!
Christine (Los Angeles, CA)

Love, Love Love the new Cher wristlet! I want another color :)
Alyssa (Mission Viejo, CA)

Brynn, It was great seeing you last week in 175 W. Jackson. I love the new Black and Tan EDIE bag that I bought. It really is the perfect size. This weekend I was able to use it for my bag with some of my sons stuff, 1-2 diapers, wipes, his water bottle and then all my essentials. So I actually felt like it was my bag and not a huge diaper bag. I absolutely love this bag!!!! And I look very forward to purchasing the wristlet in the same fabric. It is truely AWESOME!!!
Jacquie (Chicago, IL)

Hi Brynn - I've been meaning to email you for a month now, and of course, life's craziness took over. ANYWAY - I wanted to tell you a quick story. So I ordered the Faux Croc Grape Janey along with the matching Dylan coin. My husband and I were leaving to meet my mom and sister for lunch on a Saturday. I open the door to leave, and there at my door is the box from you. I IMMEDIATELY open it to look at my lovely new purchase. It was so beautiful, I had to stop and throw things from my current purse into the new one just so I could show it off as soon as possible. Granted we ended up being a little late for lunch, but it was worth it. I have a few of your purses, but seriously this one is my absolute favorite!!! Thank you for designing such beautiful purses! :)
Shannon (Aurora, IL)

I rec'd my order yesterday - thank you for the quick turnaround! Love the handbag and coin bags (so excited to use them!). Thanks!
Shelly (Milwaukee, WI)

I'm completely SMITTEN with my Leopard Janey! As soon as I got it today, I switched purses! I can't wait till I go out this weekend so everyone can be jealous! :) Thanks so much Brynn!
Brynn (Mendota, IL)

I got them today - they are sooo cute! My mom is going to love hers!
Patti (Chicago, IL)

My son brought me my new bag this weekend and I just wanted to tell you that I love it (Samantha Pink Dots). All the best.
Beth (New Hampshire)

Congratulations Brynn!! I LOVE my bag! I am taking it to the Viper Room tonight.
Alyssa (Mission Viejo, CA)

I just ordered another clutch because I am so in love with my olive paisley janey. I receive countless compliments on it everytime I take it out. Thanks!
Lisa (New Berlin, WI)

Thanks Brynn.....I love my new Samantha handbag!
Gwyn (Milwaukee, WI)

Everyone loves my new Janey clutch! Thanks again.
Lindsay (Milwaukee, WI)

Brynn - Congrats on all the recent press! Just to also let you know, my family and friend all love the handbags and coin purses. My mother wore hers right away!
Laura (Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Brynn - I love it! And get tons of compliments! I have passed out many of your cards! Thanks for the great bag & coin purse - worth the wait!
Sincerely, Jennifer (Honolulu, HI)

brynn - we did not let jane open her b-day present until the 25th and she loved it! she said she has never had such a nice, cute, well made handbag. she is very excited about it. i'm sure some of her friends will want to order too!! thanks for all your help with this.
take care, love,
sarah (Cannon Falls, MN)

Brynn - I love my spirodot clutch! I have gotten so many compliments and told so many people about you. Thanks!
Leah (Chicago, IL)

Dear Brynn - I LOVE my handbag!!! Thanks.
Shirl (West Dundee, IL)

Hi, Brynn - I rcvd. the handbags (Olive paisley janey and the custom spirodots) and I LOVE THEM, even the messenger bag is perfect with the slightly different dimensions. I will keep your cards in my bags so when people ask who made them I can hand them out. I leave for LA at the end of the month, so I know I will get rid of all of them there!! Thanks and great job!
Lisa (New Berlin, WI)

Brynn - Just wanted to let you know I love my new Samantha Handbag. I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror and thought cute purse. Oh that's mine. I know I am going to want more the size is perfect for me.
Juana (Lake Forest, CA)

Hey Brynn - Saw a bag the other day in the San Diego Street Scene backstage area that "looked familiar", I asked the girl - and sure enough - It was a BRYNN Handbag! She got it up in LA and loves it.
Greg (San Diego, CA)

Brynn - I received my Flowers and Fruit handbag. I absolutely LOVE it. It is a great addition for the summer wardrobe!! You are so talented!! I'll tell everyone I know about your site. Take care, and I'll be checking back for fall and winter...
JoLynn (Dixon, IL)

Brynn - I received my order today - I am in love. The "Fly away" belt in yellow is so beautiful and my "Painters Canvas" handbag is beyond words. I have already forwarded your friends and family sale email to the girls at work as they asked me where I bought the purse and belt as soon as they saw it. What floored me was your handwritten note - it is rare to receive a handwritten note from friends or family, much less from someone that you bought something from. You make beautiful products and I wish you the best. Thanks Again,
Sally (Lemont, IL)

Hi Brynn - I absolutely LOVE the handbag. It is fantastic. Thank you for such a quick turnaround/delivery. I was a little shocked at how fast it came, of course I was very happy so I could start using it sooner. My sister is a little jealous of my new purchase, and I had her looking online to see what she could hopefully purchase soon too. Although, now I may have to get another one myself. Thanks again!!
Shannon (Aurora, IL)

I ordered one of your diaper bags for a friend to give to her at her baby shower. I was so pleased when it arrived--very durable and well-made, and crafted to arrive just in time for the shower. My friend loved the bag and has used it throughout her daughter's first year. You really put yourself into each bag you create. Thanks!
Jackie (San Francisco, CA)

Thanks Brynn!...I love it!
Amy (Chicago, IL)

Brynn - The handbag you made is really beautiful and it has special meaning knowing you personally made it for me. I shall wear it proudly. Again thanks!
Sandy (Lincoln Park, IL)

Brynn -- THESE BAGS ARE DA BOMB! I get a TON of compliments on mine!
Edie (Los Angeles, CA)

Brynn -- Just wanted to say I LOVE my bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! You did a great job!
Heather (Glendale Heights, IL)

Brynn - I just received my bag - Love it! Thank you very much! I'm sure I'll pass out all of your cards...
Danielle (Norco, CA)

Dear Brynn - The Pebbles fabric is even better than I remembered it. The evening handbag is the perfect size for me. Other than it being one of the sharpest handbags I've seen, it also has what I'm looking for; the right size and thickness of a shoulder strap, easy to find stuff, and an inside zipper pouch. I'll continue to check the website out, for down the road purchases.
Sandy (Dixon, IL)

Brynn - I purchased a diaper bag for my daughter when she had her first baby in 2003. It was made out of the fish print material. She used it practically everyday and is now using it with her second baby who was born in 2004. My daughter actually used it as her purse as well as the diaper bag when traveling around. She especially liked the way it tied at the top. Everything was visible and easy to get to. Thanks Brynn!
Janet (Rochelle, IL)

Brynn - You design and fashion genius! I just got the bag last night and I LOVE it sooooo much! The fabric is so fun and I love the construction of the bag! So excited for the baby to come so I can start showing them BOTH off!
Thanks so much for the amazing bag!
Marina (San Francisco, CA)

Dear Brynn, I absolutely adore your Brynn bags, and so does everyone else I come in contact with while carrying the bag. I've never received so many compliments! Your line includes such a unique variety of fabric choices that I've just had to buy three. One I gave away as a gift, one I kept for myself, and the other is intended for a gift but I may not be able to part with it. The quality of the bags are as impressive as the design. Keep up the good work. I will check your web page frequently for the latest prints so that I can remain a trendsetter!
Ellen (La Jolla, CA)

The diaper bags were a hit!! Thanks!
Laurel (Chicago, IL)

Brynn - I absolutely love my new Brynn bag! The evening size holds the perfect amount of items and I receive compliments on it everywhere I go! Since owning an original Brynn handbag, I no longer have interest in the department store selections. You offer so many great patterns that I will have a hard decision as to which Brynn bag design to purchase next!
Pam (New Jersey)

Hi Brynn! I just wanted to let you know you have a huge fanbase here in Atlanta. I'm telling you, I can't go anywhere without someone noticing my bag! Even the girls at my bank recognize me because of the Brynn bag on my arm. I'm sending them all your way, so you had better look out. Oh, and can I say, my mom was in a store the other day and the owner asked her how her daughter, who always had such a cute purse, was doing... so did she remember me or my Brynn Handbag???
Heather (Atlanta, GA)

Brynn - I saw a diaper bag that I fell in love with at Belly Dance in Highland Park but when I went back to get it, it was gone. I'm thrilled to have found you on the internet! I love your bags!
Alisha (Highland Park, IL)

Brynn, While I was waiting to get my hair done at the Medusa salon in Huntington Beach I immediatly fell in love with a vintage looking red Brynn bag. I loved it and couldn't wait to get done with my hair so I could hurry up and buy that purse! I love it so much and everybody envies it. I can't go anywhere with out somebody asking me where I got it. Thank you so much for selling bags in my area because I know that so many people don't have as easy access to Brynn handbags as I do. Thanks!
Lindsey (Orange County, CA)

Hello Brynn, I purchased one of your bags in Las Vegas and want MORE and MORE! I typically do not shop at boutiques seeing that they tend to be a bit pricey, but your bags are totally worth it! I currently own the Lancaster in pink with bamboo handles and everyone loves it! Thanks again!
Sylvia (Southington, CT)

Hi Brynn, She loved/loves her new diaper bag! Thank you very much for your hard work and professionalism. I will send more customers your way. It's a great looking bag - and I appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into a fine looking accessory such as this. You have a gift. Thanks again - and maybe we can meet in person someday.
John & Melissa (Chicago, IL)

Hi, Thanks again so much. The bags are big hits. I am passing out cards like crazy and sent your website around to my address book. You are the best. I love them because they are so original, easy to carry and can go anywhere. My toughest decision of the day is "what bag do I carry". Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving.
Kim (Santa Barbara, CA)

Brynn- I just had to tell you: My first day with my first Brynn limited edition Pink Swirl bag and sure enough, the first woman I saw said," What a great bag!" You have a great product. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jeanne (Chicago, IL)

Dear Brynn, Hello! My daughter and I just got back from a trip to California (We're from PA) and we each got one of your bags from a store in San Fransisco and we love them! I personally really like your designs but I have one suggestion. You should really think about selling your bags in some stores in the Eastern part of the US (where we live). I think you should even think about opening up your own Brynn Store to sell your bags exclusively! I think you'd get a great response from customers if you take either one or both suggestions. We'd love to see more Brynn handbags around!
Karen (PA)

Hey there! I have one Brynn handbag that I recently bought at Divas on Fifth in California and I love it and so do all my girlfriends and we want more! Unfortunately we live on the East Coast (in the New York/New Jersey area, but I'm from New York) and there aren't any stores that sell your bags here. We think you should have some stores in our area sell your bags. It would be wonderful for us and great business for you! We love your designs and we want to buy more!

I have a couple of Brynn Handbags for when I am not carrying a diaper bag and ALWAYS get compliments... I can't wait to get an "AUNTY B Diaper Bag"!!!!
Stacy (Oak Park, CA)

Brynn made me a special bag out of aloha print material, and whenever I use it, at least one person will ask me where I got it. The material is very fun, and the bamboo handles tie in very nicely with the Hawaiian motif. Being a diehard backpack carrier---Brynn has finally gotten me to carry a purse by making me one that fits my lifestyle and personality perfectly. Keep on sewing sista!!!
Aloha, Nikki (Honolulu, HI)

I just have to say that everytime I use my Brynn Handbag, everyone wants to know where to get one. I love my bag, and hope that more people start finding them in more stores soon.
Heather (Los Angeles, CA)

I own a few of Brynn Handbags and no matter the season, they are always in style. They are versatile and comfortable to wear besides the many compliments I get everytime I wear one. Admirers always want to know where I got them.
Alanna (Los Angeles, CA)