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The Designer and Her Collection


"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
-Yves Saint Laurent

You can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. Laid-back So Cal native, Brynn Capella, turned the Windy City into her home twelve years ago, but it is easy to see where much of her inspiration still comes from.

Brynn turned her "in-between jobs" hobby into a business and let fate take the wheel. It brought her here, to her parent's hometown of Chicago, where she creates handbags with the perfect mix of her relaxed coastal upbringing and her urban Chicago lifestyle. The result is handbags that work as well with broken-in jeans and flip-flops as they do with a classic LBD.

Brynn has truly embraced this passion for the Chicago city life that has become as much a home to her as the California beaches. Her philosophy that less will always be more is the base of her collection. Brynn also doesn't believe in cutting corners or mass-production. As an American Designer, Brynn feels strongly about handcrafting locally, she makes all of her handbags in the city of Chicago. It enables her to maintain the highest customer service and standards for each handbag.

Best described as classic elegance meets everyday casual, her luxurious Italian leather handbags effortlessly transition wardrobes from day-to-night and season-to-season for everyday life. From her signature convertible cross-body bag to her studded clutch, no detail is left undone from stylish studs to contrast stitching to leathers that get better, softer and more personal with age. Speaking of which, her collection is refreshingly age blind, as well. She creates for the boutique shopper and wants to design for her; a bag as unique and individual as she is, without the couture price tag. And like every true artist, each piece is signed...well almost; Brynn's very own signature is her logo that is embossed into each piece.

Although, it's been a long hard road traveled to get to where she is today...she says, 'it's like totally worth it."

A Note from Brynn

I am so grateful that I've been able to follow my dreams. All the support from family and friends from all different points in my life to loyal customers whom I've come to know, means the world to me! I hope you love your bag as much as I do and spread the love.

Own a Brynn Capella Original Handbag and you will find out that...Everyone will want to know where you got your bag!